How to Use Mental Contrasting to Reduce Anxiety about the Future

by Rich Presta October 31, 2017

A visualization technique known as mental contrasting can help quash fears about the future, which may include driving anxiety.
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What Driving Anxiety Can do to Your Flu Shot

by Rich Presta September 30, 2017

Driving anxiety brings on prolonged exposure to stress, and that can actually affect the effectiveness of your flu shot.
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What Do You Fear More: Driving or Being without Smartphone?

by Rich Presta August 31, 2017

The smartphone has become an integral part of life. So much so, that some suffer anxiety, unpleasantness and other withdrawal symptoms when they're without it.
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How Cell Phone Anxiety Can Rival Driving Anxiety and Driving Fears

by Rich Presta July 31, 2017

The more time you spend on your cell phone, the more anxious the device is apt to make you feel. Check out how phone anxiety rivals driving anxiety, and what you can do for relief.
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3 Things You May Not Have Tried to Help Driving Fears and Anxiety

by Rich Presta June 27, 2017

How you cope with life can be directly related to your anxiety levels. Try these three coping tactics and see what happens to your driving fears.
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How to Help Driving Fears by Reducing Financial Anxiety

by Rich Presta May 31, 2017

Just like driving fears and driving anxiety often stem from worries of the future, financial anxiety can creep up much the same way. These 5 tips can help.
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