How Curiosity Can Help Your Driving Fears

by Rich Presta April 23, 2013

Are you curious? If you are, there's a good chance your life may be more fulfilling than others who don't have a curious bone in their bodies. Check out how curiosity can lessen your driving fears while it improves your overall life.
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How Driving Fears May Worsen if You Think the World is Scowling

by Rich Presta April 17, 2013

How you perceive other people's emotional state has a huge bearing on your own, according to a study. That same study also offers a quick solution that may help alleviate negative emotions, inclusive of driving fears. Read on!
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How Your Daily Driving Fears Disrupt Your Future Mental Health

by Rich Presta April 2, 2013

You've heard the adage that "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." While it's a nice thought, it's not always true. Check out what a study has to say and how addressing the stress and driving fears you face today can make for a smoother future.
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Why and How People Fake Driving Anxiety Online

by Rich Presta February 15, 2013

Folks faking symptoms that mimic an illness or disorder is not new, and faking driving anxiety and other conditions is now rapidly emerging online in the form of what researchers are calling Munchausen by Internet. Would you be able to spot a fake?
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Driving Anxiety Eating You Alive? Do Something Interesting

by Rich Presta February 8, 2013

When you're at the end of your rope with your driving anxiety and driving fears, maybe it's time to do a little something you find interesting. Check out what can happen when you do.
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Why Your Brain May be More Packed with Driving Fears than You Think

by Rich Presta February 7, 2013

Your brain may have more than one area associated with your driving fears, depending on the fear type and severity. How could this possibly help your driving anxiety? Read on to find out!
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