Why Driving Fears May Seem Conquerable Compared to Worries and Woes for 2013

by Rich Presta January 21, 2013

Scream over 2013

Your driving anxiety and driving phobias may seem like the greatest fears on Earth. That is, of course, until you check out what more than 150 scientists, writers, artists and other thinkers are fearing in 2013.
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Fishing for a Way to Reduce Driving Anxiety? Try Salmon

by Rich Presta January 18, 2013

Salmon for anxiety

Your diet plays a role in your anxiety levels, and you can beat those driving anxiety levels down with a plate full of salmon. Read more on this meaty fish's benefits -- and why you should top it off with an orange for dessert.
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3 Stress Myths that Can Hinder Overcoming Your Driving Fears

by Rich Presta January 18, 2013

Stress myths worsen driving fears feature

Stress is a major player in your driving anxiety and fears, but things can only get worse if you believe three popular stress myths. Read the truth behind the myths.
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Why Drowsy Driving Fits on the List of Driving Fears

by Rich Presta January 17, 2013

Drowsy driving feature

Don't drive drunk, don't drive while on drugs, and don't drive drowsy! Drowsy driving accounts for thousands of fatal crashes each year, but you don't have to add it to your driving anxiety and driving fears if you take precautions to avoid it. Here's how.
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Why Benzodiazepines May Not Work for Driving Anxiety and Panic

by Rich Presta January 16, 2013

Medication that doesn't work

Driving anxiety and panic attacks may not always benefit from the use of benzodiazepines. In fact, such medication can actually make things worse. Read on to find out why.
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Tips for Overcoming Driving Fear, from One Formerly Fearful Driver to Another

by Rich Presta January 15, 2013

Overcome driving fear

If Prudie can do, so can you! Advice columnist for "Dear Prudence" shares her own personal experience with driving anxiety to help another get over her own current driving fears. Check out her pep talk.
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