Why Your Brain May be More Packed with Driving Fears than You Think

by Rich Presta February 7, 2013

Your brain may have more than one area associated with your driving fears, depending on the fear type and severity. How could this possibly help your driving anxiety? Read on to find out!
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How to Eat Mindfully to Reduce Driving Anxiety

by Rich Presta February 6, 2013

Just like anything else, eating mindfully to help beat your driving anxiety is something that gets better as you practice. Check out some tips that can help you truly enjoy and savor your entire food experience.
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Why Savoring Food Makes You a Less Anxious Driver (Who Loses Weight!)

by Rich Presta February 5, 2013

Driving anxiety and driving fears can be fueled and worsened by stress. You can work on ways to kick out that stress by changing some of your habits, like the way you usually eat your food. Read on to learn what can happen when you savor!
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4 Ways to Stop Being ‘Too Nice’ to Help Alleviate Driving Anxiety

by Rich Presta February 1, 2013

Getting rid of your niceaholic ways can help alleviate your driving anxiety. It may also be easier than you think. Read on!
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Why Being ‘Too Nice’ Can Worsen Your Driving Fears

by Rich Presta January 31, 2013

You don't want to be a monster, but you don't want to be a doormat, either. If you're a 'niceaholic,' you may already be in the latter category, which is a prime place to end up with increased driving anxiety. Read on to learn why.
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Why and How to Use Meditation to Beat Driving Anxiety

by Rich Presta January 30, 2013

If the whole word practiced meditation, we would indeed have a better place. Not only can a regular practice help keep you level-headed and calm, but it can help alleviate your driving anxiety and driving fears. Check out some info and tips to get started.
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