Use of Gadgets While Driving Fuels Anxiety

by Rich Presta August 12, 2012

Using Gadgets While Driving

It's sadly common to see someone behind the wheel reading a text message or typing a reply. Drivers are even bold enough to surf the Web, check their e-mail, and watch videos on the road. This reckless behavior is costing people their lives, and the results of a recent survey show that we're well aware of it.
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Road Rage Incident Leads to Driving Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte August 12, 2012

Road Rage Sparks Driving Anxiety

A bad experience on the road can cause extreme anxiety and fear. Even someone who has been driving for years can feel apprehensive about driving after a scare on the streets. For one driver, a shocking attack has caused him to fear getting back behind the wheel. Read about what happened to spark driving anxiety in a man in Florida.
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Unemployment: How to Fight Negative Thoughts and Attitudes

by Rich Presta August 8, 2012

Unemployment and Negative Thoughts

In these tough times, finding a job can be difficult for anyone. Job-hunting can be especially tough for someone who isn't able to drive longer distances. It isn't easy for a person with driving phobia to just forget their fear and get on the road, but the perceived failure can cause feelings of hopelessness and disappointment. Learn some helpful ways to be positive and productive while unemployed.
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Anxiety and Depression Lead to More Sick Days

by Kay Marcotte August 7, 2012

Anxiety, Depression and Sick Days

You may not think so, but anxiety and depression can hurt your work life just as much as a medical illness. Going to work and doing your best can be difficult if you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. Researchers have found that depression and anxiety -- especially when combined -- lead to a surprising amount of missed days of work.
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Driving Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

by Kay Marcotte August 7, 2012

Driving Anxiety and PTSD

Awareness of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is on the rise, but how does the condition relate to driving fear? Surprisingly, a person can have both PTSD and driving phobia at the same time. A new story from CBS highlights the struggle of veterans who have developed driving anxiety after their experiences at war. Watch a video clip and read more about the situation here.
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