How Humor Can Help Your Driving Fears (and Your Life!)

by Rich Presta October 22, 2013

When your fear of driving drives you into an anxious or stressful state, laughter may be the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn't be. Research shows humor can help alleviate fears, reduce stress, improve relationships and enhance your overall life. Read on for more!
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How Karma Plays a Role in Your Life (and Driving Fears)

by Rich Presta October 8, 2013

Karma is a powerful force that can make good things, or bad things, happen. Check out the role it can play in your life and how it may be affecting your driving fears.
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6 Ways to Invite Self-Compassion into Your Life

by Rich Presta September 24, 2013

We may readily invite self-blame, self-pity and negative thoughts in our souls, but opening the door to self-compassion can be a bit trickier. Six tips tell you how.
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How Your Comfort Zone Can Keep You Stuck in Your Driving Fears

by Rich Presta September 10, 2013

Comfort zones are dangerous places that can leave you stagnant, unproductive and riddled with driving fears. Read on to learn more about these mis-named zones and, better yet, how to break free.
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How Self-Compassion Can Help Alleviate Driving Fears

by Rich Presta August 27, 2013

We live in a world where being tough on yourself is admired and even expected. But throwing out that mindset and showing yourself a little self-compassion can do wonders for your driving fears - and your life!
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Driving Safety for People with Driving Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte August 22, 2013

If you suffer from driving anxiety or driving fear but still are forced to drive, you probably are interested in finding ways to make your time on the road less stressful. Learning and practicing safe driving habits can actually provide you with some comfort. Read more here.
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