What Phobia is Behind Your Driving Fears?

by Rich Presta May 31, 2016

Understanding what's behind your driving fears can be the first step toward treating them. Check out a handful of phobias related to driving that can give you a good place to start.
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How to Steer Clear of the Rising Trend of Aggressive Driving

by Rich Presta April 29, 2016

Aggressive driving can contribute to your driving fears. Here’s why it’s on the rise, and what you can do to avoid it.
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Can Drama Therapy Help with Driving Fears?

by Rich Presta April 1, 2016

From puppetry to full-length plays, drama therapy can help people achieve change and conquer fears through the use of theater techniques. What would it look like for driving anxiety?
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What Your Anxiety Dreams Could Mean

by Rich Presta March 14, 2016

As the name suggests, anxiety dreams are those that stir up anxiety. And they may help us deal with things that are going on during our waking lives.
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How One Thing Can Bring You a Longer, Happier Life

by Rich Presta January 25, 2016

People typically think of eating right and exercise as the key to a long, happy and healthy life. But they may overlooking the foremost important key. Read on to find out what it is.
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Why High Anxiety Can Lead to High Risk of Dementia

by Rich Presta December 22, 2015

Being frazzled, fidgety and otherwise full of anxiety can increase your risk of developing dementia. And yes, this can apply to high levels of driving anxiety and driving fears. Read on for more.
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