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How Cell Phone Anxiety Can Rival Driving Anxiety and Driving Fears

by Rich Presta July 31, 2017

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The more time you spend on your cell phone, the more anxious the device is apt to make you feel. Check out how phone anxiety rivals driving anxiety, and what you can do for relief.
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How One Driving Fear Puts all Drivers at Risk

by Rich Presta August 29, 2016


Being afraid of getting lost or getting in an accident is not necessarily the biggest driving fear out there. That may be out ranked by FOMO.
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Self-Driving Cars: Boon or Bust for Driving Fears and Anxiety?

by Rich Presta October 27, 2015

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Driving anxiety and driving fears can hit hard when you're behind the wheel. But what about if you're behind the wheel of a self-driving vehicle?
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Driving Fears Outweigh Fear of Ghosts, Spiders and Death

by Rich Presta June 30, 2015

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Never mind spiders, ghosts and death. The top-ranking fear of the younger set is fear of driving. Read on for more!
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Digital Treatment May Help Reduce Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte September 12, 2013

Digital Anxiety Treatment

Technology is being used to create new treatment options people may have thought would never be possible. Already people with anxiety problems are able to find direct help via their mobile phones and tablets. Come read about a new virtual treatment that is being used to help people who struggle with anxiety.
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Why Texting Can be Dangerous to Your Health (and Not Just While Driving)

by Rich Presta June 11, 2013

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Texting can be a quick way to let someone know you're running late. But it can also become an addictive activity that jeopardizes your health, worsens your anxiety and driving fears, and makes it tough to sleep at night. Check out what various studies had to say about this popular habit.
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