Driving Fear Program Case Study – Jessica

Hear Jessica tell her personal story of driving anxiety and how she used The Driving Fear Program to overcome her fear and change her life!

Driving Anxiety: Teaching Someone to Drive

You may know what it's like to be afraid of driving over a bridge or on the highway. Even people with a mild amount of driving anxiety may feel uncomfortable in these types of situations. For some people, though, driving anxiety decides to rear its ugly head when they start teaching someone else to drive.

Adolescent Driving Anxiety and Positive Psychology

For most people who have driving anxiety or driving phobia, the fear begins at a relatively young age. Adolescence is a common time for driving anxiety to develop. This is why it's important to treat driving fear as early as possible. The longer the anxiety remains unchecked, the more likely it is to become full-blown driving phobia.

Recognizing Multiple Sources of Driving Fear — Part 2

What can lead to driving phobia? Does it just happen on its own, or does there have to be a specific cause? A group of researchers reviews a variety of causes of driving phobia. If you would like to know what kinds of conditions can lead to driving phobia, come learn more here.

Recognizing Multiple Sources of Driving Fear — Part 1

Driving phobia and its causes are still being explored by researchers. Logically, it would seem that a bad car crash would be to blame for someone developing a fear of driving. Surprisingly, though, there may be other factors which can lead to driving phobia. Read what a scholarly review shows about driving fear and its development.

Finding the Cause of Your Driving Fear

Driving phobia can stem from a fear of harming others while behind the wheel. It can also be caused by the worry that someone else will drive recklessly and create a dangerous situation on the road. What some people with driving phobia don't realize is that there are other factors which can contribute to their fear.