How Can Agoraphobia Lead to Driving Anxiety?

Most people think of agoraphobia as a simple fear of leaving one’s home. While a fear of leaving the house can develop in someone who has agoraphobia, there is much more to the condition.

Agoraphobia is really the fear of being in open space or out in the open. For many agoraphobics, this often means a fear of being out in public where one is not well-hidden or protected. People who have agoraphobia may feel vulnerable and panicked when they are out in the open, especially in the midst of a crowd.

The anxiety related to being out in the open can start when someone first has a panic attack. The person may become shaky, fearful and have trouble breathing, seemingly out of nowhere. The worry that he or she will have another panic attack unexpectedly can cause someone to begin avoiding situations that involve being out in the open. If the fear is left untreated, it can severely limit the person’s activities; he or she may no longer feel able to go to work, to travel, or eventually to leave his or her home.

Driving anxiety develops in some people who suffer from agoraphobia. Leaving a certain area where the agoraphobic person feels safe may be too stressful, so refraining from driving might seem like the best option.

Unfortunately, being afraid to drive or move out of a certain area is not healthy. This is why consulting with a licensed mental health professional is usually necessary.

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Photo Credit: Toni Blay via Compfight cc