Hypnosis, CBT Used to Treat Extreme Phobia

A phobia can lead to significant stress and frustration in a person’s life. Many people are affected by fear of things like spiders, needles and heights. A serious fear of driving is probably somewhat rare, though many people feel uncomfortable or nervous in certain driving situations (e.g., driving in the snow, driving on the highway, etc.).

One boy from the UK suffered from a fear of heights that was tied to a fear of flying. When he and his family moved out of Britain a few years ago, no one could have guessed that he would be too terrified to fly back.

The young boy struggled with his fear for years, panicking every time he tried to get back on a plane to go home.

His family finally hired a hypnotherapist in order to teach the boy to deal with his fear so that he could get back home. The therapist employed cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and hypnosis to assist the child. CBT teaches you how to re-evaluate your thought processes. It allows you to think in a new way that keeps you from focusing on fear and negative outcomes. With CBT, the negative thoughts that make you feel trapped by anxiety are challenged.

If you want to read about how the therapist was able to use CBT technique and hypnosis to help the boy fly back to his home, you can read the article at the link below. The page also includes a video about the story.


Photo Credit: neilalderney123 via Compfight cc