Popular Trends Create Strange New Phobias

Yoga is one trend that has grown wildly popular all over the US. You probably know someone who practices it, and you may even practice it yourself (especially if you’ve heard how good it is for your health and for reducing anxiety!).

But did you ever think that someone could actually be afraid of yoga? Probably not, but apparently “stretchophobia,” a fear of yoga, has recently been recognized as a legitimate phobia.

Unless you have a business online, you probably aren’t too likely to experience “expiraphobia,” either. (Here’s a hint: it has to do with the Internet and an “expiration date!”)

While some phobias can seem ridiculous to people who are healthy, the fear and anxiety can truly be challenging to overcome and sometimes painful or embarrassing. Feeling unable to share a major fear in your life with people who are close to you can harm your relationships and make you feel like you can’t fully relate to and trust others.

A phobia can also keep you from engaging in fulfilling activities and trying new things. A person who is afraid to fly on a plane may want to visit family, for instance, but be unable to because of his or her fear.

An article from NPR highlights five phobias that have arisen with the new trends, several of them related to technology. If you would like to learn more about these odd phobias, including expiraphobia, visit the link to the article found below.


Photo Credit: Mahesh Telkar via Compfight cc