How a Daily Dose of Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Gratitude has become a hot topic ever since multiple studies have shown the massive benefits it can bring. Check out what it can do for your driving fears as well as your overall life.

Quick Fix for Driving Anxiety? Try Repeating the /i:/ Sound

Researchers found a link between the vowel sounds we make and our emotional state, perhaps one powerful enough to help lessen your level of driving anxiety. Read on for more!

How to Switch Your Thinking to Lessen Your Driving Fears

A horrific memory can be one of the main factors behind your driving anxiety and fears. But you can recall the memory in a different way to help lessen its emotional impact. Check out a study that says so!

Exploring Exposure Therapy: How Does It Work?

One of the best treatment options for people who have driving fear (or another phobia) can be exposure therapy. While exposure therapy can be very difficult in the short-run, research shows that it can work in the brain to change a fear response to a calm one.

How Being Left-Handed May Increase Your Risk of Driving Fears

Driving fears, anxiety and phobias can stem from numerous causes, and one of those causes that may be at least partly to blame is being left-handed. Read on for more!

Everything to Know about Panic Disorder, Attacks (Part 2)

If you read last week's article on panic disorder, you should have an idea of what the condition is, how it affects people, and some things that contribute to panic attacks. This final article will describe some of the things related to panic that psychology researchers are currently interested in studying.