Use of Gadgets While Driving Fuels Anxiety

There have been countless horror stories about auto accidents caused by the use of electronic devices in the car.

Texting is one of the most dangerous activities someone can perform while on the road. Lawmakers in various states are even considering banning the use of cellular phones for text messaging while driving. Texting while driving has been compared to driving under the influence, yet people continue to do it.

It’s hardly surprising that drivers around America have become paranoid about electronic devices in cars. A survey shows American adults would like more technology in their automobiles. However, the majority of the people who were questioned also admitted they were concerned about safety. The participants feel that while more electronic features in cars are desirable, they can also be a dangerous distraction.

The link below provides more detail about the survey and the increasing anxiety drivers are feeling.

U.S. Drivers Fear Tech Distraction, Embrace Tech Anyway


While most Americans like having connectivity and entertainment tech in their cars, they worry about the distraction, with Baby Boomers most concerned.