Success Stories

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program that you created, after purchasing the program, I finally started driving after almost ten years of “hitching a ride.” If it wasn’t for your book I probably would still be getting rides from my family members or confined to my house. Thank you!!!

Jane Kim
New Jersey

Before the program I would make excuses why I couldn’t go places and it began to affect my work, where I have to drive quite often. I would get sweaty hands, a racing heart, hot flashes, overall nervousness, and panic to the point where I’d have to pull over. Now I’m over the panic attacks! The program has really helped me and I feel a lot calmer now, I don’t make excuses and can drive almost anywhere. I would totally recommend the program.

Cathy Parrish
Lake Mills, WI

I never stopped driving, I just did it with sweaty palms, a racing heart, frustration, and anxiety. After going through the program, driving is just more comfortable. I can finally relax. Thanks for putting a system like this together, it’s really made a difference. I wish I would have found it sooner.”

Nick Palamoni
Henderson, NV

The scope of this book was much larger than I thought. The section starting towards the bottom of page 65 really forced me to acknowledge things in my own life that I must change if I wanted to overcome my fears. I want to thank you for your program as it has helped it ways I’m sure I still can’t measure.”

Rick Stratton
Los Angeles, CA

Your program has started to work wonders for me. Thank you so much!

Jeanine Woodard
Austin, TX

Dear Rich – having completed your program I just wanted to let you know how this has transformed my life. My fear of driving has meant that I have avoided it for 42 years. Now having completed the program I look forward to my lessons and my practice – that awful knot in my stomach has gone! I will be sitting my test in the next couple of months and I cannot believe I will soon be a fully qualified driver! I will let you know when I pass my test. In the meantime, may I express my thanks to you for this wonderful program – as my friends and family say ‘if it can help Eileen, it can help anyone’! Once again, my sincere thanks.”

Elileen McNulty

I couldn’t drive on the freeway without discomfort – I took meds and saw a therapist, but nothing worked until I found the Driving Fear Program. I saw changes within two weeks, and now I can drive anytime, I’m not depressed, and joy has returned to my life. The Program works.”

Frank Pettinato
Mesa, Arizona

I just read this book and all I can say is WOW. This program is extremely simple to use and Rich has developed some effective strategies to relieve anxiety and fear. If those are the areas that are holding you back from a healthy lifestyle- then this is for you.”

Karen Field
Anxiety Management Coach

I started the Driving Fear Program because for eight years I couldn’t even drive around the block or get to the store about 4 blocks from home. Just thinking about driving made me anxious. Every attempt to drive would cause a panic attack and cause me to come back home, I felt weak and ashamed. When I tried to drive I had a pounding heart, shortness of breath, uncontrollable shaking, dizziness, blurred vision, felt afraid that I could not make it to my destination, and had a terrifying feeling that I was going to die. Within two weeks of using the program, I started to feel better and could drive around my neighborhood again, and my thoughts didn’t bother me so much. Now I drive to and from work without panic, can meet friends again, and do other activities that people take for granted – I have my freedom and independence back. The program helped me when I thought nothing else would.

Ryan Wilson
Waco, Texas

After years of driving without issue, I started having anxiety while driving so severe I would actually need to pull off the road. I tried to find help in books about phobias and panic attacks, but the Driving Fear Program was the only thing I found that focused on MY problem. After a couple weeks of using the program, I began to start driving again in areas I had avoided and realized I wasn’t going crazy! I’m happy to say that recently I took a road trip to Nashville and drove through downtown, on the interstate, through traffic, and back home, all by myself. I’d recommend the program to anyone facing the same fears I did.

John Rutherford
Knoxville, Tennessee

My driving anxiety began about a year ago, and started to affect my life more and more the longer I put off doing something about it. When I first found the Driving Fear Program, I read the testimonials and the summary of what to expect from the program, and finally found hope. I had tried other relaxation and anti-anxiety programs, but nothing addressed the direct source of the problem like your program did. I saw results with the Driving Fear Program VERY quickly, by the second day I was already seeing progress. Now I can drive on highways again, and believe it or not now I’m actually more relaxed than BEFORE my problems with driving started! I’d recommend the program to anyone with a fear of driving because it’s so easy to understand and use, and most of all effective. Thank you so much!

Daniel Lee Cousins
Astoria, New York

Before I found the Driving Fear Program, I had anxiety everywhere and just couldn’t bring myself to drive over 40 miles per hour. I had even tried medications to control my anxiety while driving, but nothing seemed to help. I found the program on the Internet and decided to give it a try, even though I still had a negative attitude. After about four days of using the program, I started to feel less scared and more calm while driving. Now I can drive just about anywhere, and I have more confidence and positively in general. Thank you so much, this has been one of the most important experiences of my life.

Sakura Hinkle
Wilson, Maryland

I decided to do something about my fear of driving because my scary thoughts and loss of concentration made me want to pull over when I was on the road and I began to avoid freeways entirely. Three weeks into the program I started to feel more relaxed, and now I’m starting to get back on the freeway. I like that the program is specific to my fear and easy to follow, I’d recommend it to anyone.

Tom Barone
Sydney, Australia

I’m a driving instructor and my fear put me in danger of losing my job. I couldn’t drive over bridges, sit at red lights, drive over long stretches of open road or motorways without an intense feeling of panic and wanting to get out, and at 70 mph that was a terrifying thought. My world got very small and I gave up work for a while. I refused any social invitation and became housebound. The techniques you teach in the program were the real breakthrough for me, as soon as I put them into practice, the anxiety would just go away. I feel normal again, my life has completely turned around, thank you for the Driving Fear Program, it has honestly changed my life.

Theresea Biddle
West Midlands, UK

Prior to getting the program, I felt ashamed of my fear of driving on the highway. I would get a feeling like I would lose control or just drive off the road, so I avoided it whenever I could. When I got the program, I started noticing changes right away and it just kept getting better! I would HIGHLY recommend the Driving Fear Program.

Paul Oster
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Before starting the program, I wasn’t comfortable driving far due to my anxiety and scary thoughts and was overly dependent on my family. Within a week of starting the program, I began to see results, and now I’m enjoying my new independence. I would absolutely recommend the program!

Joanne Barnaba
Lake Wylie, South Carolina

I started the Program because I had very bad anxiety, to the point where I was housebound and depressed. I couldn’t drive my kids anywhere, and my husband and I fought a lot because of my limitations. I tried therapy, but it didn’t work. I was just tired of feeling helpless. After a week of using the Program, I could drive again, and after two weeks I was going over bridges! The Program worked and I would recommend it to everyone.

Alison Peyton
Alberta, Canada

I really hit rock bottom when just taking my kids to school became filled with anxiety and physical feelings like sweaty palms, numbness in my fingers, and panic. When I started the Driving Fear Program, I started to feel better almost immediately. Now everyday driving is much easier.

Tracey Lessignol
Somerset, UK

I’ve had anxiety issues while driving off and on for about 10 years. The day I bought the program I had such extreme anxiety that I’d had to pull over 3 times on the way to work just to try and calm myself down. I would avoid driving on freeways, fearing that I’d have an anxiety attack, and would make excuses for not driving places. The worst sensation I have while driving is depersonalization. I felt detached from my surroundings and like I was losing my mind. After the first couple of days after reading the Driving Fear Manual, I already had the confidence that I would be able to learn the skills necessary to become a more comfortable driver. It was like I instantly had an “I can do this” feeling that had never been there before. Without a doubt I would recommend this program!

Nancy Kent
Stockholm, Sweden

I was looking for a way to overcome my debilitating fear of driving that I had struggled with for over ten years. I had tried therapy, books, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and more, but nothing seemed to help. I would have lots of trouble driving on the freeway, at fast speeds, long distances, and at traffic lights. I would have panic attacks with racing thoughts about death or hurting someone, headaches and tension, I would feel lightheaded while driving, have a rapid heartbeat, numbness in my fingers and toes, would tremble and have trouble breathing. Now that I’ve gone through the program and done the exercises, roads that I used to avoid because of panic I can drive on with no problem. Things are generally just much better since I overcame my fears and gained control and confidence on the road. If you have driving anxiety, I highly recommend that you get the Driving Fear Program.

Kari Rodriguez
Eagle, Idaho

When I would drive beyond my city limits or on the interstate, I would feel very panicky, dizzy, sweaty, and would tremble and have terribly scary thoughts. I tried traditional therapy before the Driving Fear Program, but it was expensive and just too slow to see any results. After going through the Program, not only can I drive on the Interstate again, but I’m actually MOST comfortable there!

Amy Cox
Salina, Kansas

My fear of driving was terrible, socially, mentally – when you avoid driving, you lose out on so many good things from life. Now I’m more comfortable behind the wheel and have even started to enjoy it!

Kristie Patrick
Duluth, Georgia

I used to be able to drive with no problem – I even enjoyed the feeling of freedom on long drives, but over the past few years my joy was replaced with major anxiety and panic of being away from my “safe place”. Now after completing the program, driving is just more comfortable and I feel much more in control of my thoughts and reaction. Thank you Rich for the program.

Jessica Collins
Cambridge, Massachusetts

My life was limited by my fear of driving, even being a passenger was causing extreme panic and I couldn’t drive myself AT ALL. I don’t feel trapped anymore, and it’s nice to be able to just pick up and go at a moment’s notice. Now I know I’m in control.

Marsha Wojohowski
Parkland, Florida

Before the Program I hadn’t driven at all in four years. My wife had to take me to work and anywhere else I wanted to go. My confidence was shot. When you’re at the mercy of someone else to do your driving for you, it is a very humbling, and somewhat humiliating, experience. I’m back driving now, and although I still have some work to do when driving long distances, things are continuing to get better, and that’s an awesome feeling.

Bryan Chatner
Lincoln, Nebraska

When I used to drive, I would panic and have scary thoughts, I would tremble, and feel like I was about to black out. Driving is easier now, I don’t avoid things anymore. The Driving Fear Program helped BIG TIME.

Hisham Aubin
Lebanon, Beirut

Prior to the program I lived my life in a cloud of depression and sadness. I felt inadequate because I let the fear control me and I didn’t know how to break its’ grip. Right after I downloaded the program I read it and reread it a few times. After every lesson my comfort level and confidence would increase. I would highly recommend the program to anyone with a fear of driving. The price you pay for the program is truly minuscule compared to what you’re receiving, control of your life. Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

Ryan Ingrassia
Woodbury, New York

The other day I had the choice to take the freeway back home or city streets and I chose the freeway almost without thinking about it! It was bumper to bumper traffic and guess what? I felt NOTHING and did it with no problem.

Pam Hilde
Antioch, California

I just read this book and all I can say is WOW. This program is extremely simple to use and Rich has developed some effective strategies to relieve anxiety and fear. If those are the areas that are holding you back from a healthy lifestyle- then this is for you

Ted Marlett, MSW
Spokane, Washington

The Driving Fear Program is a fantastic resource to support people who experience fear and anxiety while driving. I’m always happy to find a resource I can confidently refer my clients to. It provides a step by step, practical method that anyone can use.

Karen Field
Anxiety Management Coach

I think you’re doing a wonderful service by providing a wealth of expert knowledge to those who are seeking an effective approach to ending their driving fear.

Ken Fields
Honolulu, Hawaii

As I read your program, I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement with everything I was reading. The program is simple and clear, yet extremely effective. To those of you out there that may have a fear of driving, I strongly recommend you get the Driving Fear Program and take back your life.

Eva Gregory, CPCC

I’ve recommended the program to some of my friends (who are equally pleased), and we just can’t say enough good things about it. I’m sure you’ve been told this before, but this is a wonderful thing you’re doing for people like me who have been our wit’s end for so long.

Amanda Wolfe
Houston, Texas

Yesterday I tackled a big bridge near my home and to tell you the truth, there was very little anxiety. It feels good knowing I have the tools to stop or slow down an anxiety attack.

Theresa Lane
Denver, Colorado

I’ve only been using the program for 10 days, but wanted to share something with you. I almost always avoid the highway, but recently got back on, thinking it would be the ultimate nightmare, but it turns out it wasn’t! The anxious thoughts I used to have just weren’t there and I was able to concentrate just on driving. It was a liberating step forward- thank you!

Nicola Kownatzkyt

First of all, I want to say a big thank you. I didn’t even read the whole program because I felt confident to go back on the road so quickly. I’m so pleased with myself and would recommend the program to anyone with a fear about driving.

Katie Burnett
London, England

After 4 days I’m finding the program extremely helpful and in fact drove on a stretch of interstate I’d avoided for over a year just yesterday!

Jane Holmberg
St. Paul, Minnesota

I’ve been trying to overcome my fear of driving for years. I bought the Driving Fear Program out of desperation, but after reading it and doing the exercises, now I have the tools to finally overcome the fear.

Clarissa Scroggins
Fort Worth, Texas

Since I started the program I have really begun to notice differences in my confidence level. Little by little, day by day, I am getting better and I have the program to thank for that.

Laura Scaletti
Ashburn, Virginia

I am so glad that I met someone that has finally understood that driving anxiety is real and quite debilitating. You’ve set me on a course where I’m resetting my whole view on life and refocusing all the psychological, emotional, and physical energy in a positive and empowering way.

Jean-Claude Bergeron
Sacramento, California

After less than two weeks on the program, I have been able to drive to work straight through without any pit stops to relax. My dreadful 1 hour drive is now 30 to 35 minutes tops. I’d recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is battling their fear!

Jay Rojas
New York, New York

After starting your program, I did the most unbelievable and unattainable thing to me, passed my road test and got my drivers license! I can drive in the rain, on busy roads, and now I can take my son to his classes. Now whenever I sit in my car and the wheels start rolling, I feel a sense of elation. Thanks Rich, this program has definitely helped me.

Sandi Malonski
Memphis, Tennessee

Your program has started to work wonders for me. Thank you so much!

Sue DeAngelo
Salt Lake City, Utah

I used to get panic attacks just thinking about getting on the freeway or driving somewhere unfamiliar. Recently after going through the program, I drove on the freeway for an entire hour! It was very empowering and made me decide that I’m not going to let fear rule my life. I’m not going to be stuck anymore.

Shelly Martin
Boise, Idaho

I’m very excited about my progress since starting the program! I’ve been able to finally get back on the freeway and have driven about 100 miles back and forth taking various exits. It’s very liberating and I’m actually starting to be able to see how silly my fear was.

Gloria Reeves
San Francisco, California

Thanks to your program, my fear of driving is actually getting better! I am now driving around the city, going various places I never would have, and even drove quite a distance to my cottage. I used to be like a prisoner in my own home, afraid to even get in the car. Thanks so much.

Linda McMahon
New York, New York

I’ve been using the Driving Fear Program and S.A.F.E. Series for only 4 days and this morning when I drove I felt quite confident! I was able to drive over a bridge that always makes me really panicky and using the techniques I learned in the program I made it just fine. Even my boyfriend said he noticed a big difference in my driving and said he was proud of me.

Carrie Ross
Albany, New York

I just completed my first interstate trip in over 8 months and went 3 and a half hours round trip! Whenever I felt anxious, I used the techniques I learned in the program and the anxiety disappeared almost immediately. This trip was the confidence booster and success story I have been looking for. This is something positive I can build on! Thank you.

Mike Kaplan
Columbia, South Carolina

I hadn’t driven in a year and the past two nights I went out in my car and the fear that has always been there suddenly wasn’t! The panic I usually feel in my gut just didn’t show up, it was wonderful, absolutely incredible. God, I’m so excited!

Pauline Sheldon
Newcastle, England

It’s only been a few days since I received the program, but I’m very pleased to report that I’m already able to drive on the highways again! Thank you so much, this has improved my quality of life. I’m grateful because what you teach really works!

Michelle Salah
Alhambra, California

Guess what…after only 4 days on the program I was back on the interstate! I did it!

Cheryl Mann
Atlanta, Georgia

I have been practicing the program for only a couple of weeks now and today I drove with my kids 30 miles on the highway round trip! It felt good to get some independence back. Thanks Rich for your fabulous program!!!

Kim Crosby
Portland, Oregon

I decided to try the Driving Fear Program because I was sick of living with my driving anxiety. It had gotten to a point where I was afraid to even drive locally – every time I would get in the car I was scared to death and would have extreme tension, a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, scary thoughts, and other symptoms of anxiety. I had tried medications, but they didn’t help and I couldn’t stand feeling like a zombie all day. After using the Driving Fear Program for a couple weeks, I started to feel more relaxed and noticed my scary thoughts going away. I can drive so much easier now – the program has helped tremendously. I’m living proof the Driving Fear Program works!

Maria Damon
Englishtown, New Jersey

I really love this program. After staying home for four years because of my driving anxiety, I started the Driving Fear Program and after just a week I was doing better. Now I feel like I’ve been able to start over – it’s so empowering I get goosebumps when I drive now! Thanks for giving me my freedom back!

Mary Anne Briley
Loveland, Colorado

I was tired of limiting myself because of my driving anxiety and fear of highways and interstates. I would feel spacey, have a racing heart, scary thoughts, and other symptoms of anxiety that made me avoid what what made me nervous. After starting the Driving Fear Program, I started to see results the very first time I got back on the highway – I just knew I would be ok. I feel much more confident now, both in the car and in my daily life. I’ve taken several trips on the interstate, and it’s nice to know that I can handle it now and don’t need to obsess or worry about it. I would definitely recommend the program.

Kathy Vella
San Jose, New Mexico

I had an enormous fear of driving. I would get anxious before even getting in the car and I had a tough time even driving down the block. Red lights would make me wants to jump out of my skin. My heart would race, I had thoughts of losing control, I would have panic attacks, and was an all around nervous wreck. After reading only the first part of the program, things started to really improve, and since starting the program I’ve really come a long, long, way. The program is much better than any pill for anxiety I ever took!

James Lauderdale
Plainfield, Illinois

I had become increasingly fearful when driving my car, especially at night, on bridges, and on the highway. I missed out on opportunities and seeing family and friends and one day I decided I wanted to get my life back once and for all! I found the Driving Fear Program online and within a few days I started to see changes. Now I know that I can control my anxiety when I drive and not the other way around. The Driving Fear Program has helped me feel a lot more confident and at ease now on the road.

Rita Philley
Reston, Maryland

I had already tried may things to help with my driving anxiety before I found the Driving Fear Program, but nothing had worked. I was having trouble driving to and from work and it was becoming a major stress for both me and my family. By the time I discovered your website, my fear had become debilitating and I would feel like I was going to pass out while I was driving. Within a couple weeks of using the program and practicing the techniques, I started to see results. Now I feel more at ease with my driving and am much more able to relax when I’m on the road. I’m so glad I found the program, it was the only thing that truly helped.

Megan Borrows
Santa Rosa, California

I had a fear of bridges, sitting at traffic signals, freeways…you name it. I was SICK of feeling like a failure and being incapable of carrying out my daily activities, but I couldn’t find a way out of my growing and disabling fear. I found the Driving Fear Program and immediately noticed a difference. The Program gives great solutions to tackle your anxiety while driving, and is also very good advice for anxiety and fear in general. I feel so much better about myself now. I’m proud of all I’ve been able to accomplish with the Program!

Alison Tyrrell
New South Wales, Australia

I hadn’t driven on a motor way for 8 years when a new job and the coming of my 30th birthday prompted me to try the Driving Fear Program. I devoured the Program and all it contained, and it actually felt exciting to challenge myself and to break through my comfort zone. Now I’m better at my job, can take my family new places, and my husband is so proud of me. I think the Program is a great value and approaches your fear from so many angels, one is sure to work!

Helen Pritchard
Cheshire, United Kingdom

My fear of driving had embarrassed me more than once, and I was tired of making my wife drive so I could avoid my anxious symptoms such as sweaty palms, tight chest, shortness of breath, and a racing heart. Everywhere I looked your Program was recommended, and after I started it, I began to see changes right way and learned to really understand my anxiety, which I think is half the battle. It’s nice now chauffeur my wife around and give her a break! I would recommend the Program without a doubt.

Nick Robinson
Inwood, West Virginia

I struggled with driving anxiety for the last ten years ever since my first panic attack behind the wheel. It had taken away so many freedoms and I was limited by being unable to drive anywhere more than a few miles from home. I had tried medication, therapy, and books, but nothing seemed to help. After using the Driving Fear Program for about a week, my anxiety was significantly less. Now I can drive to work easily, go shopping, and have just been going more places and having ore FUN. The solutions you provide are real and very easy to do.

Tamara Johnston
San Jose, California

I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t go anywhere. I had read a million self-help books, gone to counseling, and been on all kinds of medication. I got so much out of your free emails that I decided to try the Program. When I would drive I would be afraid of getting stuck a red lights, on hills, the freeway, and over bridges. It effected my social life and I even quit my job because of my anxiety. Now that I’ve gone through the program, I can drive all over town, sit at stoplights without feeling trapped, go down hills, and I don’t feel like I have to miss out on anything anymore. Thank you!

Jodie Galio
Port Orchard, Washington

I had been having panic attacks while driving for about ten years and when I hit forty I decided enough was enough and I had to do something to change the situation. I couldn’t visit relatives or go shopping and would constantly feel trapped when I was on the road, so I simply avoided it . After I started the Driving Fear Program, I saw results very quickly, within a couple days I was already doing things I couldn’t do before. Recently I was offered a big promotion at work that involves a lot of driving and I would have never been able to do it prior to the Program, but now I can! The Program is practical advice that worked for me almost instantly – it works!

Marion Currie
Dalbeattie, United Kingdom

Before the Program, I would feel fear and anxiety just thinking about driving on a highway, and it effected my personal and professional life. Now I’m able to go back on the highway with no sense of anxiety and I’ve even found myself speeding a little at times! I don’t have to depend on other people anymore, I can do it myself. The Driving Fear Program is excellent, it truly works.

Joyce Hensen
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

My problem was panic attacks while I was driving. I couldn’t live a normal life, I was constantly avoiding situations that brought on the feelings of anxiety like tense muscles, scary thoughts, or feeling like I would lose control and get into an accident. I saw results when I first started to USE what the Program taught me. As I practiced, the fear just went away. The Program worked! Thank you!

Alex Montero
Lisbon, Portugal

I tried the Driving Fear Program out of sheer desperation after living with anxiety and panic attacks while driving for over five years. After completing the program I felt I needed to tell you how much my life has changed and thank you for returning the smile to my face. The problems I used to experience are all but a memory, and life has gotten so much better and I don’t avoid things. Not only that, but my whole mental outlook is better now that I’m not weighed down with anxiety and fear. I would highly recommend the program to anyone with anxiety, thank you Rich.

Badisha Singh
Mangalore, India

I had a safe area that I could drive in, but it was decreasing month by month, and I couldn’t get on the interstate for even a short drive. This was the only resource I found that specifically targeted panic attacks while driving so I make the decision to order it. While I was reading the manual, everything just clicked for me, and I started to take my life back. I haven’t had panic attack in months, and I’m much more independent. The Driving Fear Program is a GODSEND for people experiencing panic attacks while driving, nothing else I tired even comes close. I had tried therapy in the past, and ONE appointment cost far more than this ENTIRE COURSE and the Driving Fear Program worked much better for me.

Michael Handles
Little Rock, Arkansas