What Phobia is Behind Your Driving Fears?

Understanding what's behind your driving fears can be the first step toward treating them. Check out a handful of phobias related to driving that can give you a good place to start.

How to Get Past Your Fear of Driving on Bridges

Fear of driving over bridges affects thousands of people across the US and beyond, but there are a number of solutions you can use to alleviate or conquer your phobia.

Tips for Coping with Driving Fear, Anxiety

One of the things that makes some people so afraid to drive is the anticipation. Obsessing over an unpleasant drive before it happens sets you up to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Find out how to fight these kinds of negative thoughts here.

Driving Instructor Discusses Driving Fear, Phobia

Learning to drive can be a stressful experience, especially for someone who has driving fear or driving anxiety. With the right instructor, learning to drive does not have to be a negative experience. Find out how driving teachers can help nervous students feel more comfortable.

Understanding and Treating Driving Fear and Phobia (Part 2)

Driving fear can have widespread negative effects on one’s life. Most people want the freedom and independence of driving, but driving phobia can make them seem unattainable. Read this article to find out how driving anxiety can be treated.

Understanding and Treating Driving Fear and Phobia (Part 1)

Driving phobia is a unique and difficult disorder to treat. Is it possible to overcome such a specific and debilitating fear? If you want to learn more about driving phobia and how you can start down the road to recovery, read this detailed article.