A Brief Introduction to Specific Phobias

Anxiety disorders can have far-reaching consequences in someone’s life. This is especially true when one does not have an understanding of one’s condition or how a condition is affecting a loved one.

Long-term anxiety can have effects on one’s personality and decisions. Feeling worried and stressed out can make one irritable, tired and less able to enjoy oneself. Even relaxing during downtime can be nearly impossible for someone who is afflicted with severe anxiety.

This kind of stress is unhealthy and very difficult to deal with. Friends and family members of a highly anxious person may feel concerned or frustrated by his or her behavior.

It’s important for people with phobias to have a good resource where they can find information and support for themselves or for others.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) has a site, adaa.org, which provides facts, research findings, listings of mental health professionals in various areas, and some basic screening tools for people who may have an anxiety disorder or depression. The site can be helpful for people who are struggling with anxiety or depression, and also for those individuals who are concerned about a friend or loved one who may be suffering from depression or an anxiety-related condition.

If you are interested in reading a brief article from the ADAA about specific phobias (including how they effect people in their personal and professional lives), visit the link below. You can also feel free to browse the site for more information about other anxiety disorders and depression.