Basic Strategies for Dealing with Driving Fear

Driving anxiety can make a routine drive to work a hassle. Road trips that should be fun are upsetting and tense for someone who has driving anxiety.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do it!

What can you do to minimize negative thoughts and the physical discomfort characteristic of driving anxiety?

One way to do this is to tell yourself positive things as you drive. You should try to think encouraging thoughts that reassure you that you’re in control. Remember: you’re the one behind the wheel. You are in control the car, and you know how to drive safely.

Avoid thinking of worst case scenarios and telling yourself you can’t get to your destination. Remember: You can get where you’re going, and you can practice safe, careful habits on the road to make yourself feel more at ease. Don’t use your phone while driving, get plenty of rest before a long trip, and wear your seat belt even for short drives.

Read more about how you can help yourself feel more confident when driving at the link below.

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