Can You Get Panic Attacks from Poor Eating Habits?

Just when you thought you knew exactly how your driving anxiety and driving fears fed into your panic attacks, here comes word that how you feed yourself may also be to blame.

Pro golfers Charlie Beljan and Bubba Watson have both suffered panic attacks, according to an article in, and both guys are blaming their diets.

Beljan puts the blame on not eating enough food while Watson says eating foods that induced acid reflux and landed him in the hospital. Beljan is not a fan of food in general and was “running on empty” when he was seized with a panic attack during a round of golf last year. The attack was so bad, SBNation reports he thought he would die.

Watson, on the other hand, was a fast food junkie, and he suffered at least two attacks in the past. One came while he was sleeping and another while he was watching TV. Each time he thought it was a heart attack.

Although these two golfers did not mention any link to driving fears, diet’s potential link to panic attacks may be something you want to keep an eye on. Healthy eating plays a huge role in your ability to handle stress and keep your driving anxiety to a minimum.

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