Anxiety and Depression Lead to More Sick Days

Coping with driving anxiety is far from easy and can sometimes lead to depression.

Anxiety and depression are very serious conditions. They are both linked to poor health, causing physical complaints such as headaches and stomach pain. They can also have a harmful effect on the health of the heart if left untreated for too long.

According to new research, mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are to blame for missed days of work. This is bad news for depressed and highly anxious people, who could be seen as a liability by their employer.

Fortunately, most employers realize that anxiety and depression are treatable, and that anxious and depressed people still have a lot to offer. With treatment, these individuals can manage their difficulties and have minimal work-related issues.

There are a number of resources available for people with anxiety and depression. From basic tips to sessions with a trained therapist, there are workable options for everyone. Some employers even give their workers access to workshops on how to deal with stress, and hopefully more companies will do so in the future.

Anxiety alone is a stronger risk factor –

Examiner.comAnxiety alone is a stronger risk factorExaminer.comStanford psychiatrist Laura Roberts, MD, reported that depression is one of the leading causes of missed work among U.S. adults; the numbers are staggering: As the Centers for Disease Con …