Driving Accident May Have Been Caused by Anxiety

Driving anxiety can occur very suddenly and unexpectedly, even  in people who do not have full-blown driving phobia. Feelings of panic and terror may arise without warning while someone is driving. When this happens, it can be very dangerous for the driver, the passengers, and the other people on the road.

Driving anxiety can cause someone to freeze up, stomp on the brakes or the gas, or jerk the steering wheel.

The problem is that many drivers do not realize they are afraid of a certain driving situation until they encounter it. This means that someone can be driving along without feeling particularly uncomfortable until he or she happens to start driving over a bridge, through a tunnel, or in some other situation known to make people feel nervous.

Recently the Tappan Zee Bridge made news because of the upcoming changes to its structure and size. The changes are hoped to make drivers feel more secure and to minimize confusion and crowding. Some expressed hopes of reducing drivers’ anxiety on the bridge, which was reported to be a source of fear and unease fora number of motorists.

Unfortunately, the modifications to the Tappan Zee did not come soon enough for four drivers who were involved in a messy wreck on the bridge last week.

The cause of the fatal accident is now being investigated, and there is reason to believe that the driver may have been experiencing driving anxiety on the bridge.

To read more about the crash and how it happened, visit the link below.


Photo Credit: paul bica via Compfight cc