Driving Fear and Anxiety: An Outsider’s Perspective

Driving anxiety can occur when someone who is driving or riding in a vehicle is fearful of something he or she encounters while on the road.

For example, someone may be driving along calmly yet feel suddenly afraid when approaching a bridge. Driving over a bridge can be frightening for some people, because the fear of having an accident while on the bridge seizes them. In reality, they are just as safe driving over the bridge as they were driving on the normal road, but an irrational fear makes it impossible for them to feel calm about it.

Other situations can also create fear in a driver. Seeing children or animals by the road can make some people very nervous, feeling that they may accidentally lose control of the vehicle at the wrong moment.

Getting caught in a storm while on the road can also make some people feel very anxious and worried. This can make them more tense and erratic while they’re driving, sometimes to the exasperation of the drivers around them.

People with driving anxiety are usually very aware of their own feelings while behind the wheel. The nervousness, the panic, and the frustration are all familiar to people who find driving to be a nerve-wracking experience.

But what is it like to be a driver on the road with an anxious person?

If you would like to read a funny description of some driving fears that affect motorists in South Africa (and here in the US), visit the link below.


Photo Credit: reynolds.james.e via Compfight cc