Driving Fear Treatment: A Personal Touch

Driving phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by a strong fear of driving in certain situations or in general.

People with driving phobia may do anything they can to avoid driving, not obtaining a learner’s permit or a driver’s license.

Other with driving phobia will simply limit their driving as much as possible. For instance, they  may drive to work and home but avoid driving anywhere else. They may feel comfortable driving the same route every day, or they may feel highly anxious and tense.

In some cases, people with driving fear may be able to drive somewhat normally (though usually with more anxiety than healthy people), but they feel uncomfortable driving in certain conditions. Many people, even those who do not have driving phobia, are more anxious when driving in heavy rain and snow. Driving over bridges and driving on the highway can also be nerve-wracking for a lot of people.

Some people with driving phobia only feel comfortable driving with a trusted loved one by their side.

An even more extreme form of driving phobia causes people to feel too anxious to get in a car at all. They are too afraid to drive alone, with others, or to be driven around by someone else.

Most people with driving phobia fear an accident. They believe they will inevitably be in a car wreck if they ride in or drive a car.

According to Fredric Neuman, MD, people with driving phobia “have to discover for themselves that they will not lose control of the car.” In an article for Psychology Today, Neuman provides information about driving phobia and how he has helped some of his clients. Read about it here:


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