Driving Instructor Discusses Driving Fear, Phobia

Driving anxiety or driving fear is a strong discomfort or uneasiness that results from driving (or sometimes from riding in a vehicle, in general). People who are afraid of driving may either limit their time behind the wheel or refuse to drive at all.

Being afraid to drive can make everyday tasks difficult. A simple trip to the store or to and from work can be very stressful and nerve-wracking for someone with driving phobia or driving anxiety.

Why do people develop driving fear? For some, a past accident on the road — or even a near-accident — can cause driving anxiety. For others, the idea of driving itself may be terrifying. People in this group may be much older than usual before obtaining a driver’s license, or they may never get a license at all.

Many people who have driving fear wish to enjoy the freedoms of being able to drive, but they are held back by their anxiety. For those people who drive despite their driving anxiety, the stress may eventually become too much to handle. Maintaining a high level of anxiety is not healthy, and it can take a toll on one’s mental well-being.

A driving instructor describes his experience with anxious driving students in a recent article. He offers hope to anxious drivers by explaining that patient, calm instruction can help people learn to feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

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Photo Credit: Tom Wolf | Photography via Compfight cc