Driving Safety for People with Driving Anxiety

Driving anxiety causes you to feel an irrational amount of fear and discomfort when you are behind the wheel or riding in a vehicle with someone else driving. Driving fear usually involves worry about having a car accident or unintentionally harming someone else while you are driving.

If you are forced to drive for practical reasons like to get to and from work or to take your child to and from school, you may still find the stress of driving to be overwhelming.

In some people, driving anxiety manifests itself as anger, frustration or irritation on the road that can lead to road rage. This can be true in people who are fearful of having an accident or simply afraid of being in an enclosed space surrounded by other drivers (e.g., when they are stuck in traffic).

Driving anxiety and road rage can both be dangerous to you, your passengers, and to the drivers around you.

One important way to stave off driving anxiety and feel more comfortable on the road is to maintain safe driving habits.

There are certain things you can do while you are driving to ensure your comfort and increase your sense of security. Following safe driving practices is a good way to do this.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a list of helpful tips for teenage drivers who are less experienced that their adult counterparts and may not have developed good driving habits yet.

The list can definitely apply to any driver who is not fully comfortable behind the wheel. If you would like to read it, click on the link here:


Photo Credit: intothelens4149 via Compfight cc