Electric Cars: Range Anxiety Still an Issue

Anxiety related to driving is not unusual. There a people who drive on a daily basis and still feel uneasy or uncomfortable behind the wheel. This can be because of a dislike of being crowded in traffic, a worry about losing control on the road, or a fear that another irresponsible driver will cause an accident.

Some drivers who feel anxious release their frustration and fear through anger, which can lead to road rage and hostile driving. This is a particularly dangerous and unhealthy way to deal with driving anxiety, perhaps even worse than avoiding driving altogether.

One of the more unusual driving fears that has developed with the introduction of electric cars is range anxiety. Range anxiety is the fear that, while one is driving an electric car, the vehicle will run out of power. This would mean the driver was stranded and unable to reach a station to power his or her car. For many drivers, this fear is an issue that is difficult to overcome.

While some believe electric cars would probably be good for the environment and efficient, range anxiety remains a concern for buyers and for people who wish to rent a car.

An article for an automotive publication addresses the problem of range anxiety and how it is affecting the use of electric cars. If you would like to read more about range anxiety and the unique issues it causes, you can visit the link below to access the original article.


Photo Credit: Nrbelex via Compfight cc