Unemployment: How to Fight Negative Thoughts and Attitudes

It’s common for people with driving phobia to have trouble finding and keeping a job.

People who have driving phobia often struggle to find a job that doesn’t involve getting behind the wheel. For anxious drivers who try to ignore their fear and live a normal life, driving to work every day can be a continual source of dread. This anxiety can lead to more missed days of work and jeopardize their job security.

Driving phobics understand the havoc the condition can wreak on one’s work life and one’s self-esteem. It’s important for people with driving anxiety to know how to deal with unemployment and the unpleasant emotions it can bring.

The article at the following link includes a number of tips and strategies to maintain a positive attitude during unemployment.

Joblessness and Symbolic Loss – PsychCentral.com


PsychCentral.comJoblessness and Symbolic LossPsychCentral.comWhile these thoughts are common, they are not necessarily valid or rational, and may lead to depression. In a study by Dooley, Catalano, and Wilson (1994) that surveyed both employed and un …