Phobia Nightmare: Insects Lead to Fear, Panic

Phobias may be amusing to some people, but for those who have them, they are not very funny at all. In fact, living with a phobia can be very difficult and stressful. Even living with someone who has a clinically diagnosed phobia can be frustrating at times.

Phobias are intense fears that lead to disruption of normal life functions. Fears of snakes and needles are fairly common in the general population, but most people are not affected in their daily life by a phobia.

A recent article from the New York Times illustrates just how severe the effects of a phobia can be.

One college student with entomophobia (the fear of insects) was shocked and frightened to discover a number of strange and unfamiliar bugs swarming outside. Her fear was so great that her entire life was derailed. She was too panicked to attend her classes anymore. Additionally, she was too afraid to leave her apartment at all. Completing simple errands such as grocery shopping became impossible for her.

People with driving phobia may experience similar feelings of panic and frustration. Knowing that they are living a less fulfilling life because of their fear may make them feel disappointed in themselves and angry that they do not know how to beat their phobia.

The best way to deal with a phobia (or any other anxiety disorder) is to talk to a doctor or mental health specialist about it. Licensed counselors can provide helpful advice and should be understanding of the symptoms someone with a phobia experiences.

If you want to know more about the young woman with insect phobia and how she is helping others who struggle with the same fear, click on the link here:

Photo Credit: Tc Morgan via Compfight cc