Tips for Coping with Driving Fear, Anxiety

Being nervous while you are driving can cause you to feel stressed out whenever you drive or even think about driving. This can make you dread even basic, routine car trips to the store or to work.

Can you really convince yourself not to feel anxious about driving?

In some cases, yes! But it may be easier to convince yourself, rather, that you are capable of handling the anxiety if it does come up. Surprisingly, just teaching yourself to believe that you can overcome your driving anxiety can eventually make you feel less nervous about driving.

An example of this is to use positive affirmations. Telling yourself “I can make this drive safely” or “I am a safe, careful driver; I will be fine” can help you to feel more confident behind the wheel. Although you may worry that you will have an accident every time you get into a car, the chances are that you will not. Keeping this in mind can lend credence to your affirmations, which should be repeated daily, if possible.

Driving anxiety can be difficult to get over, but it is possible to feel more comfortable driving once you learn how to deal with your fear in a healthy way.

A hynotherapy site provides an article that offers people with driving fear some helpful information and tips on how they can feel less anxious when they are driving. If you would like to read the article, follow the link just below.

Photo Credit: martinak15 via Compfight cc