VIDEO: Recovering from Driving Phobia and Anxiety

When you experience something like a car accident (or even a near-accident), it can have a major effect on you. Whether you are just a child in the backseat or a middle-aged person driving the car, auto accidents are frightening.

It’s not at all unusual to feel upset and shaken after a crash, but many people will behave differently. For some, there may be some initial anxiety and discomfort when getting back behind the wheel, but eventually those feelings wear off. For others, the fear becomes even more pronounced and disruptive to their life.

After a traumatic event, it’s usually good to seek some kind of professional treatment. This can prevent the onset of conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and driving phobia.

However, sometimes people don’t know the extent to which something has affected them until it is too late. When this happens, it is still possible (if somewhat more difficult) to be successfully treated.

As more people with driving anxiety decide to tell their story, more resources become available to help them deal with their fear. YouTube features a number of videos on driving phobia that include general information, advice, personal stories, and treatment options.

One particular video (link provided below) shows a woman who struggles with driving phobia who opted to seek professional treatment. By watching the video, you will learn how the woman developed driving phobia, how the condition affected her personal and professional life, and how she eventually began her treatment. You will also find out what kind of treatment she is receiving and how it works.

Photo Credit: raganmd via Compfight cc