Cars Designed to Detect Anxiety in Drivers?

by Kay Marcotte August 22, 2012

If you have driving anxiety or driving phobia, you may feel yourself start to panic while behind the wheel. Sweating, heavy breathing, and an increased heart rate are all physical manifestations of anxiety you may experience. Ford has decided to address the problem of driver anxiety with an innovative smart car.
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Basic Strategies for Dealing with Driving Fear

by Kay Marcotte August 19, 2012

Driving anxiety and fear can hinder you from living a free and independent life. It's difficult to function in today's society if you don't have the ability to get behind the wheel. Limited mobility is a problem faced by many people, but able-bodied adults who are too afraid to drive tend to feel guilty about it. Learn how you can motivate yourself to get better.
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Anxiety Mounts in the Wake of Recent Tragedies

by Kay Marcotte August 18, 2012

People around the country were shocked and horrified by the unexpected attack during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. The subsequent unprovoked shooting at a religious building has only increased worry and anxiety in the general population. If you're having trouble dealing with your fear and grief, come read about ways you can cope.
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Driving Anxiety: Taking a Driving Exam

by Kay Marcotte August 16, 2012

Driving anxiety isn't always confined to regular driving situations. Some people find taking a driving test to be more anxiety-provoking than driving in general. There are techniques for drivers who feel nervous on the highway and under similar circumstances. But what is recommended for people who are really just afraid of driving assessment?
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Road Rage Incident Leads to Driving Anxiety

by Kay Marcotte August 12, 2012

A bad experience on the road can cause extreme anxiety and fear. Even someone who has been driving for years can feel apprehensive about driving after a scare on the streets. For one driver, a shocking attack has caused him to fear getting back behind the wheel. Read about what happened to spark driving anxiety in a man in Florida.
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Driving Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

by Kay Marcotte August 7, 2012

Awareness of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is on the rise, but how does the condition relate to driving fear? Surprisingly, a person can have both PTSD and driving phobia at the same time. A new story from CBS highlights the struggle of veterans who have developed driving anxiety after their experiences at war. Watch a video clip and read more about the situation here.
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