Why You Should Try Meditation to Overcome Driving Fears

Meditation can do amazing things, but don't take it from us. Take it from a couple of studies mentioned in an article at Scientific American. Read more to decide if you think it can work for your driving fears.

Can You Use Willpower Beat Your Driving Fears? Um, Maybe

Aiming your willpower at your driving fears can end up helping you immensely -- or not. It all depends on how much willpower you have left in reserve based on all the other things you already used it on. For real!

Need to Logically Reason through Driving Fears? Do It in Swahili

Driving anxiety and logic can be at massive odds, unless you take a cue from research that shows logical will often reign supreme when you make certain decisions in a foreign tongue. Check it out!

Kick off the New Year with Tips for Kicking out Driving Anxiety

Your driving fears and anxiety may seem huge and overwhelming, but a little work on a daily basis can get them back down to size. Check out a few tips to help you do that work and deflate the fear that may be ruling your life.

Good News for People with Driving Fear

Science fiction writers have long imagined self-driving cars. Rumors of these cars arriving on the market have existed for years, but we have yet to see it really happen. According to a popular car site, self-driving cars may finally be coming in the near future. Read to find out more!

Self-Talk and Its Impact on Driving Anxiety

Driving phobia can make you feel trapped, unable to move forward in your life. People who don't suffer from driving phobia can't understand how stressful it is for you to do something they can do so easily. Want to know how you can help yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed with driving anxiety? Learn some simple but effective tricks here!