Driving Fear Treatment: A Personal Touch

Treating driving anxiety can be difficult, but there are some tried and true methods which tend to have good results. One mental health specialist writes about his experiences treating driving phobia and a particular client he had to use creative methods to help.

Driving Stress Getting You Down? Try Smiling

A scowl may be your usual expression when faced with driving fears, anxiety and stress. Turn that scowl into a smile and you may be surprised at how quickly things can change.

Tips for Managing or Overcoming Your Driving Phobia

Fear of driving can be a thing of the past with a number of solutions that can work for alleviating stress, getting through a panic attack and help quash driving fears for the long haul. Check them out now!

Relieve Driving Anxiety with Defensive Driving

Anyone can get anxious while on the road, especially when you're taking a longer trip or you don't have a lot of driving experience. The best way to manage this fear is to use safe driving practices and to learn the best ways to protect yourself from bad drivers. Read more here.