Got a Tough Quandary? Try Daydreaming

Consistently battering a tough problem until you find a solution may not be the best way to go about it. A study shows your most creative and effective solutions may come if you give your mind a break with a little daydreaming.

Forget Your Driving Fears by Throwing Them in the Trash

Writing down your negative thoughts and throwing them in the trash works wonders for getting them out of your head. A new study says so. Try it next time you're plagued with crummy thoughts about driving. Just pull over before you try to write them down!

Being Brave- Can It Help Cure Anxiety?

Advocates of exposure therapy propose that confronting your fears can lead to recovery. But does this method work for everyone, or are there other ways to reduce your fear?

Mainstream Neuroscience Isn’t Science at All, Critics Charge

Neuroscience has officially made the mainstream,which is not necessarily a good thing. Once something goes mainstream, it falls into the hands of the masses and can frequently lose its credibility.

5 Reasons Holiday Music Can Stress You Out

Holiday music can pump some folks full of joy while it pumps others full of stress. You may find it does both to you, depending on the day, your mood and the specific tune. Find out why this music has such power and why your reactions may vary.

Arthritis and Connections to Anxiety and Depression

Getting treated for physical and mental ailments is important. Having a chronic health condition like arthritis can cause harm to your mental health. Read how arthritis can make you more vulnerable to certain mental health conditions.