Good News for People with Driving Fear

Science fiction writers have long imagined self-driving cars. Rumors of these cars arriving on the market have existed for years, but we have yet to see it really happen. According to a popular car site, self-driving cars may finally be coming in the near future. Read to find out more!

Self-Talk and Its Impact on Driving Anxiety

Driving phobia can make you feel trapped, unable to move forward in your life. People who don't suffer from driving phobia can't understand how stressful it is for you to do something they can do so easily. Want to know how you can help yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed with driving anxiety? Learn some simple but effective tricks here!

When Fear Returns: Relapsing after Therapy

You may have heard of relapses after successful treatment. Unfortunately, this can happen to people who have been "cured" of their phobia in therapy. How and why does this occur? Is there any way to prevent it? Read to find out more!

Searching for a Cure for PTSD

PTSD is a very serious condition that, until recently, did not receive much attention. You may have heard the stories of veterans returning from war and feeling pressured to hide their new feelings of anxiety and fear. For others, a sense of disconnection from their surroundings took over their life. Thankfully, there is more awareness of PTSD today, and researchers are working on finding new ways to treat and prevent it.

How Can Therapy Help with Driving Phobia?

People with driving phobia can be reluctant to seek help for their problem. They may feel embarrassed by their fear and think no one else understands what they're going through. Talking to a therapist can reduce the sense of isolation and helplessness driving phobics feel. Read about what therapy can do to ease driving anxiety.

Facilities Designed to Treat Anxiety and Phobias

Treating an anxiety disorder can be difficult, but partial to full recovery is possible for most people. You may have tried a few methods and found that they just didn't work for you. Rather than giving up and accepting severe anxiety, you may want to explore treatment centers in your area.