Finding the Cause of Your Driving Fear

Driving phobia can stem from a fear of harming others while behind the wheel. It can also be caused by the worry that someone else will drive recklessly and create a dangerous situation on the road. What some people with driving phobia don't realize is that there are other factors which can contribute to their fear.

Cars Designed to Detect Anxiety in Drivers?

If you have driving anxiety or driving phobia, you may feel yourself start to panic while behind the wheel. Sweating, heavy breathing, and an increased heart rate are all physical manifestations of anxiety you may experience. Ford has decided to address the problem of driver anxiety with an innovative smart car.

Virtual Reality and the Treatment of Driving Phobia — Part 2

This article is a continuation of a series on virtual reality treatment for driving phobia. Here you can read about a scholarly piece on the topic and see what trained mental health specialists have to say about treating driving fear. Come learn what they found about the efficacy of using virtual exposure to various driving situations.

Virtual Reality and the Treatment of Driving Phobia — Part 1

Treating phobias with therapy -- especially exposure therapy -- is common and often very effective. The main obstacle to successful treatment is usually the phobic person's inability to tolerate the direct approach adopted in exposure therapy. But what if one could learn to face one's fears without ever being in any real danger?

College Student Speaks Up about Driving Anxiety

Driving anxiety affects people from all backgrounds. A young lady in college writes about her personal experience with driving anxiety. She discusses social support, motivation, and professional treatment used for people who are fearful of driving. Read about her struggle with driving anxiety and how she proactively learns to deal with it.

Basic Strategies for Dealing with Driving Fear

Driving anxiety and fear can hinder you from living a free and independent life. It's difficult to function in today's society if you don't have the ability to get behind the wheel. Limited mobility is a problem faced by many people, but able-bodied adults who are too afraid to drive tend to feel guilty about it. Learn how you can motivate yourself to get better.