Why and How People Fake Driving Anxiety Online

Folks faking symptoms that mimic an illness or disorder is not new, and faking driving anxiety and other conditions is now rapidly emerging online in the form of what researchers are calling Munchausen by Internet. Would you be able to spot a fake?

Why and How to Use Meditation to Beat Driving Anxiety

If the whole word practiced meditation, we would indeed have a better place. Not only can a regular practice help keep you level-headed and calm, but it can help alleviate your driving anxiety and driving fears. Check out some info and tips to get started.

Why Benzodiazepines May Not Work for Driving Anxiety and Panic

Driving anxiety and panic attacks may not always benefit from the use of benzodiazepines. In fact, such medication can actually make things worse. Read on to find out why.

Tips for Overcoming Driving Fear, from One Formerly Fearful Driver to Another

If Prudie can do, so can you! Advice columnist for "Dear Prudence" shares her own personal experience with driving anxiety to help another get over her own current driving fears. Check out her pep talk.

Why You Should Try Meditation to Overcome Driving Fears

Meditation can do amazing things, but don't take it from us. Take it from a couple of studies mentioned in an article at Scientific American. Read more to decide if you think it can work for your driving fears.

Can You Use Willpower Beat Your Driving Fears? Um, Maybe

Aiming your willpower at your driving fears can end up helping you immensely -- or not. It all depends on how much willpower you have left in reserve based on all the other things you already used it on. For real!