Driving Accident May Have Been Caused by Anxiety

As people become more aware of the anxiety disorders and their prevalence, we are better able to acknowledge and deal with their effects. A recent accident is now being investigated for a connection to driving anxiety. Read about it here.

Why Fear of Driving is Not the Only Hazardous Fear on the Road

Fears often erupt in groups, which means suffering from fear of driving may lead to suffering from a lineup of other fears that can affect your driving. Read more to find out what they are.

BMW Works to Reduce Range Anxiety in Buyers

One form of driving anxiety that affects people on a relatively small scale is range anxiety. This is the fear people have of running out of power while driving an electric car. New technology may ease this fear; read about it here!

Got Stress? Get a Pet!

It's not just coincidence that petting your cat or walking your dog makes you feel good. It's due to the seemingly magical powers pets have to alleviate stress and improve our mental and physical health.

How to Make Summer Driving Safe Driving

Road trips, picnics and beer on the beach are just a few of the reasons summertime can be a hazardous time for driving. Check out several tips for increasing your safety and decreasing your driving fears.

Changes Planned for Fear-Inducing Bridge

If you've ever felt fearful or anxious while driving over a bridge or by a body of water, you are not the only one! Even people who do not have driving phobia can become nervous in certain situations on the road. Read about a woman who recovered from her fear of driving over bridges.