Why Texting Can be Dangerous to Your Health (and Not Just While Driving)

Texting can be a quick way to let someone know you're running late. But it can also become an addictive activity that jeopardizes your health, worsens your anxiety and driving fears, and makes it tough to sleep at night. Check out what various studies had to say about this popular habit.

Phobia Nightmare: Insects Lead to Fear, Panic

Phobias are hard enough to deal with, but what do you do when your greatest fear suddenly appears before you? Find out how one girl with a fear of insects dealt with the emergence of a number of bugs she had never seen before.

Tips for Managing or Overcoming Your Driving Phobia

Fear of driving can be a thing of the past with a number of solutions that can work for alleviating stress, getting through a panic attack and help quash driving fears for the long haul. Check them out now!

Relieve Driving Anxiety with Defensive Driving

Anyone can get anxious while on the road, especially when you're taking a longer trip or you don't have a lot of driving experience. The best way to manage this fear is to use safe driving practices and to learn the best ways to protect yourself from bad drivers. Read more here.