Rewriting Your Anxiety Story (Part One)

Learn how you can prevent the habitual and negative thought processes that can lead to ongoing stress and problematic anxiety with something much more positive, healthy, and calming. Part one of a three-part series.

Minimizing the Effects of Anger on Your Health

Stress can wreak havoc on your health. It can also make you more prone to fits of anger. People who are often irritable and grouchy are at a higher risk for a number of physical ailments. In addition to this, their relationships and their professional life may suffer. Learn more about dealing with anger in a healthy, safe way.

Massage Relieves Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression

Getting a massage is a relaxing and effective way to temporarily relieve stress. A massage increases blood flow to various parts of the body and releases tension in the muscles. Some people consider a massage an indulgence or a special treat, but it can have a number of benefits on your body and on your mind.

Unemployment: How to Fight Negative Thoughts and Attitudes

In these tough times, finding a job can be difficult for anyone. Job-hunting can be especially tough for someone who isn't able to drive longer distances. It isn't easy for a person with driving phobia to just forget their fear and get on the road, but the perceived failure can cause feelings of hopelessness and disappointment. Learn some helpful ways to be positive and productive while unemployed.

Anxiety and Depression Lead to More Sick Days

You may not think so, but anxiety and depression can hurt your work life just as much as a medical illness. Going to work and doing your best can be difficult if you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression. Researchers have found that depression and anxiety -- especially when combined -- lead to a surprising amount of missed days of work.