Phone Therapy and Traditional Therapy- Equally Effective?

Cognitive therapy is a great treatment for people who suffer from common mental health ailments like anxiety and depression. But what if you could receive this highly effective treatment over the phone? Read about how cognitive therapy is being provided to people via phone.

Being Brave- Can It Help Cure Anxiety?

Advocates of exposure therapy propose that confronting your fears can lead to recovery. But does this method work for everyone, or are there other ways to reduce your fear?

Arthritis and Connections to Anxiety and Depression

Getting treated for physical and mental ailments is important. Having a chronic health condition like arthritis can cause harm to your mental health. Read how arthritis can make you more vulnerable to certain mental health conditions.

Brain Scans and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Did you know that, according to WebMD, social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety conditions? Many people with social anxiety can enjoy a higher quality of life if they receive professional treatment.

Anxiety Medications Linked to Health Issues in Older Adults

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders rely on medications to help them live a healthy lifestyle. But older adults who struggle to keep their anxiety under control may be better off looking to other options. Find out how anti-anxiety medications may be linked to health problems in elderly people who take them.

Fixing Your Anxiety Potholes: 5 Strategies for a More Efficient and Less Anxious Life (Part Three)

Anxiety potholes are pockets of anxiety that can sideline you at any time, making your life’s path very bumpy and full of hazards. But you can fill them in with five pothole-repairing techniques to make your life much smoother. Part three of the five-part series illustrates how you can use your to-do list effectively and exile unwanted tasks.