Driving Accident May Have Been Caused by Anxiety

As people become more aware of the anxiety disorders and their prevalence, we are better able to acknowledge and deal with their effects. A recent accident is now being investigated for a connection to driving anxiety. Read about it here.

BMW Works to Reduce Range Anxiety in Buyers

One form of driving anxiety that affects people on a relatively small scale is range anxiety. This is the fear people have of running out of power while driving an electric car. New technology may ease this fear; read about it here!

Driving Fear: Does Driving Through Tunnels Make You Panic?

For some people driving fear is limited to specific situations. Driving over bridges and through tunnels are two driving scenarios which tend to make most people anxious. Read about how tunnel fear has been increasingly dangerous to a writer.

Phobia Nightmare: Insects Lead to Fear, Panic

Phobias are hard enough to deal with, but what do you do when your greatest fear suddenly appears before you? Find out how one girl with a fear of insects dealt with the emergence of a number of bugs she had never seen before.

How NOT to Deal with Anxiety, Depression

Most of us try to find little ways to cope with the difficult parts of our life. Some try to escape from unpleasant situations with laughter, others with movies, and so on. But what is one of the worst ways people can cope with anxiety or depression?

BRAVE’s Innovative New Research Approach to Anxiety

Therapy is a great option for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and many other mental health illnesses. Unfortunately it isn't always an option for people with limited mobility or a lack of resources in their area. So how are therapists reaching out to those who may not be able to come in for traditional therapy? Find out here.