Popular Trends Create Strange New Phobias

If you have driving phobia, you probably think it is one of the most bizarre and unlikely fears to have. But new trends are causing surprising fears in many people. Find out what kinds of things are leading to unexpected anxiety.

Fighting Anxiety and Depression: Part One

Unfortunately for people with anxiety disorders, depression can also become a major mental health issue. Both conditions can be highly stressful, and combined they may seem impossible to overcome. In this three-part series, we will explore anxiety and depression and how they interact.

Digital Treatment May Help Reduce Anxiety

Technology is being used to create new treatment options people may have thought would never be possible. Already people with anxiety problems are able to find direct help via their mobile phones and tablets. Come read about a new virtual treatment that is being used to help people who struggle with anxiety.

Driven to Distraction: Music Can Affect Driving Performance

Music can have quite an impact on your mood, and not just when you're working out or using music to relax. Have you ever wondered how listening to music in the car can affect your driving performance? An Israeli study seeks to answer this question.

A Brief Introduction to Specific Phobias

Many people know what a phobia, or an intense fear, is. But there are some important things about phobias that you may not know which can help you. Find out more about specific phobias here!

Driving Safety for People with Driving Anxiety

If you suffer from driving anxiety or driving fear but still are forced to drive, you probably are interested in finding ways to make your time on the road less stressful. Learning and practicing safe driving habits can actually provide you with some comfort. Read more here.